November 14th & 15th / Torre de las Telecomunicaciones de ANTEL

Ready for thirds?

A new edition of the meet-ups conference is coming, and we're ready to show you how we've grown yet again this year!

Friday the 14th: Workshops Following the success of the workshops at the v2013 edition, this time we're doing a full day -- so to bring you more quality and more dedication.

Saturday the 15th: Talks track Our standard talks track, always searching for excellence in quality, as you already know!

Our objectives:


Alvaro Videla

Developer Advocate para RabbitMQ / Pivotal

Victoria Alonsoperez

Co-Founder IEETECH, co-Chair @SGAC, Electronic Engineer, Entrepreneur, Space Geek

Martin S. Garcia

Postgraduate Student of Unmanned Vehicle Systems Design en University of Southampton.

Guillermo Moncecchi

Investigador en Procesamiento de Lenguaje Natural y Machine Learning en la UDELAR y en @pedeciba.

Diego Cibils

Co-Fundador & CEO de KONA Cloud

Diego Woitasen

Co-Fundador de

Luis Vinay

Co-Fundador de

Gabriel Ledesma

Agile Coach de WyeWorks

Gabriel Chertok

COO @ INGSW / Co Organizador de JSConfUY, INGSW

Max Patissier


Maximiliano Perez





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techMeetupUY is possible thanks to our amazing sponsors. We are very grateful to each of the companies that have been supportive and helped to make this conference possible. Join us and improve Uruguay's IT community!

If you want to support the conference please contact us at

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What happened in 2013 view

Past edition was a smashing success; more than 320 people joined us from many different tech-related environments. We had a track with 10 talks executed by
11 excellent speakers. In parallel with the main track, the different communities carried on 6 workshops with lots of success in assistance. Last but not least,
28 companies supported us, to which we owe them the realization of this conference.


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Diego Sapriza

Diego Sapriza

Gustavo Armagno

Gustavo Armagno

Ignacio Nin

Ignacio Nin


Martín Cabrera

Martín Cabrera

Martín Loy

Martín Loy

Martín Loy

Fabián Fernandez

Nicolás Bianchi

Nicolás Bianchi


Supporting organisers

Ismael Ambrosi

Ismael Ambrosi

Santiago Camelo

Santiago Camelo

Federico Fernández

Federico Fernández


Máximo Gómez


Diego Martínez

Diego Martínez

Mauricio Stekl

Mauricio Stekl