• 3/11/2012

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Enrique Baliño is a founding partner of Xn Consultores. As a consultant, he designs and facilitates the implementation of executive development and organizational change solutions based in Appreciative Inquiry.

Enrique Baliño

motivation teams

  • 10:45

Mr. Pedro Fullstack, at your service.

Through Mr. Pedro's experience, I would like to tell you how incorporating an Agile framework to his process' management in his software factory endeavor, based on empirical evidence and ongoing improvement, made his project viable without adding unnecessary overhead to the management and, above all, valuing people as his biggest working capital.

Gabriel Ledesma

agile scrum

  • 11:45

  • 12:25

Require 'quality'.

Adrian Gomez - Gianfranco Zas - Gonzalo Arreche

review gerrit quality

  • 14:20

Test environments in minutes with Vagrant

Vagrant allows to create light and customizable virtual machines dynamically using Oracle VirtualBox. In this session we will see how to create a customizable and easily restorable test environment using this project.

Fernando Ipar

vagrant deploy

  • 15:05

  • 16:15

Mobile development with Mono.

Paganza's experience developing a native app for iOS and Android using Mono

We will talk about what "Mono" is and also about associate technologies such as MonoTouch for Android, how to develop with these tools, problems found and possible ways to go.

Máximo Martinez

mono mobile

  • 17:00

  • 17:45


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